Contemporary Wooden Boat Building

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Composite Building Technology

Bufflehead Segelkanu, Detail Masthalterung My boats have a handmade core of thin marine plywood or solid wood strips. I build the decks from white pine, western red cedar or different mahogany species.
Hulls and decks are sheathed with thin glass cloth and epoxy resin on the outside. This coating cures like varnish and protects the wood from moisture very effectively. It is a perfect water barrier, and the wood underneath does not swell and shrink. Wooden boats, built with this technology, are 100% dry.
The inside of the hull is sheathed with KevlarTM fabric and epoxy resin. These coatings make the hull stiff, very durable and tough. I am excited about KevlarTM, because it is extremely impact resistant. A kevlar sheathed hull is incredibly resistant against blows, which gives more security against puncture.
The reinforcements in the hull and the rig are built from ultra-light carbon fiber.

Bufflehead Segelkanu, Detail Schwerthalterung This composite building technique results in robust, durable, aesthetic, very light and 100% dry boats. The clear coating preserves the wood in its full beauty and protects it perfectly from water and other elements.

My boats have the potential to survive their creator. Some age will make them just more beautiful. You buy a classic of tomorrow, and you can be proud of her today.

Wooden boats - expensive to maintain?

In former times, the joints between the wooden planks were sealed with cotton or oakum and tar. These hulls were always leaking. After several years, the planks were rotten from water sloshing in the bilge. Repairs are expensive.
Deck and cabin structures were built from solid wood. But solid wood warps - it swells and shrinks continuously. Over time, cracks were forming between the boards, water penetrated in and peeled the paint or varnish off. The damage had to be sealed and repainted.

Segelkanu Bufflehead, Plankennaht Today, plywood planks are glued together with epoxy, or several layers of veneers are cold-molded with epoxy. Additionally, the outside of wooden hulls is sheathed with fiberglass and epoxy. The resulting hulls are completely watertight, long-lasting and looking beautiful. Deck and cabin are made of dimensionally stable plywood, which does not warp.

In a restauration, these modern materials and techniques are often the only chance to rescue derelict classic crafts.

Robust and Easy to Mantain

Bufflehead Segelkanu, Detail Ruderhalterung Due to the KevlarTM coating and the abrasion-resistant epoxy-graphite layer on the bottom, my sturdy boats will take some scratches and groundings without damage. Treated properly and used with care, contemporary wooden boats are as robust as laminated glass fiber boats. For an almost unlimited life, some maintenance and repair instructions are useful:


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