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is an innovative part-time workshop on the Swiss side of Lake Constance.

Custom Boat Building

Bufflehead Sailing Canoe, Detail Bootsbaugarage builds boats which you cannot buy off the shelf: beautiful, ergonomic and efficient, light and strong and technically simple.
I like designs which are extremely versatile - for paddling and sailing, for endurance raids and for extended cruising trips, expeditions and small errands. You can find my projects here. I am building according to your specifications and turn your dreams into reality!

Boat kits & plans, sails, carbon riggs, components & accessories

Bootsbaugarage also delivers boat hulls, kits or plans. Our dacron sails, free-standing segmented carbon masts and booms can be used in many small boats... are you looking for a very special solution? Just ask!

Boat Repairs and Restorations

Spindrift 11N Segeldinghy, Detail We repair, mantain and preserve historical and modern crafts with traditional or contemporary wooden boat building techniques. Repairs are done in wood, fiberglass, carbon and kevlarTM. Just contact us and ask for a quote!
We re-engineer poorly designed and malfunctioning components. Light, functional and easy solutions are preferred.

Boatbuilding Projects

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