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Bufflehead Segelkanu
In 2007, Bill Ling sailed together with Hugh Horton on the Lower Saranac Lake. Bill's excellent Bufflehead sailing canoe photos capture the atmosphere of both active and relaxed canoe sailing. Here is a link to his gallery. Many thanks to Bill for his permission to show his pictures here.
This is the original Bufflehead "Bufflehead", under sail for the first time using Bill's gunter rig.
Bufflehead Segelkanu Bufflehead Segelkanu
Bill and Hugh pick up a little more air as they leave the leeward side of Eagle Island. The sail is fully reefed. Now they have got something to work with. Full reef and still pointing nicely. (Hugh apologizes for the sloppy reef).
Bufflehead Segelkanu Bufflehead Segelkanu
One reef. Hugh starts planing, and the sun sun breaks through to back light the effort. Here's the deal. Hugh believes this reach is faster than he's ever sailed his sailing canoe Walela. He's kicking up both roostertail and rudder!
Bufflehead Segelkanu Bufflehead Segelkanu
The smaller the boat, the bigger the fun. Slightly more wind, and the full bow would rise easily when the hull starts planing.
Bufflehead Segelkanu Bufflehead Segelkanu
Now at 50' and 12'6", this rig drops in a flash if need be. Just plain pretty.
Bufflehead Segelkanu Bufflehead Segelkanu
Red on Green. Day two, one reef. The rig is now 34' with the yard raised to 10'1.
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