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Bufflehead Sailing Canoe
Cedar Key in December a couple of years ago, inside the east side of Atsena Otie Key. Bill Ling photo.
Bufflehead Sailing Canoe Bufflehead Sailing Canoe
August 2010 in Nothern Michigan at Ron Sell's place.
Bufflehead Sailing Canoe A number of Hugh Horton sailing canoes
A George Jepson photo on Lake Michigan for the WoodenBoat Small Boat issue. The Bufflehead sailing canoe frolics happily in higher waves. Hugh is chasing two other sailing canoes. They are all sisters of his Serendipity canoe.
Serendipity and her sisters Serendipity and her sisters
Meade & Jan Gougeon in Lake Huron's North Channel on a couple of 5 or 6 trips up there. Serendipity sisters. Same area, same boats. The atmosphere is gorgeous, isn´t it?
Serendipity and her sisters
Top speed! Hugh is making about 6 knots with Serendipity.
Walela, a Serendipities series sailing canoe Kayann on Walela
Walela is a Serendipity sister, ... ... Kayanns boat.
Fully equipped to cruising standard.
Bufflehead Segelkanu Bufflehead Segelkanu
Bufflehead at Cedar Key. On Snake Key looking toward Seahorse Key. Ron Sell's place on the St Marys River dividing Canada from the U.S. in Michgan's Upper Peninsula. Summer of '08.
Bufflehead sailing canoe
Reflections of Bufflehead at rest; onshore at Lower Saranac Lake, New York State in the Adirondack Park & Mountains, Sept 08.
Bill Ling in Aku Bufflehead Sailing Canoe
May '12, Cedar Keys. This is Bill Ling with his sailing canoe "Aku". Bufflehead, Cedar Keys, May ´12.
Wes White on his proa Bufflehead Sailing Canoe
May '12, Cedar Keys. A passage through Snake Key. This is Wes White on his proa. May ´12, Cedar Keys. Hugh in Bufflehead, Meade in Woodwind, Harry ("Goke") Tomlinson in his round-bilged Bufflehead.
Buffelhead on the shore line Bufflehead Sailing Canoe
Harvest '15, Cedar Keys. This is just a small boat... ... at the interface between water, sand and sky.
Buffelhead on the shore line Bufflehead Sailing Canoe
Summer '17, Cedar Keys. This is the joy of canoe sailing! Discovering new channels to Long Cabbage Key with Karen.
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